Mirroring Information

If you would like to support actively this demo, you can set up a mirror to host this pages.

The instructions are so easy. You just must know to edit HTML code, and to upload files to your server. We assume you know english, which will be the default language through our communications.

There are four basic steps to set up a mirror:

1) Download the files

Here you have a compressed .zip file, containing all the necessary files to mirror the web site.

Decompress it, and follow the next step.

2) Translate the pages

At this point, you can choose whether you want or not to translate the "index.en.html" and "contact.en.html" to your local language. To begin the translation, just pick those HTML documents and follow the instructions inside the comments you will find there.

You can base your translation on any other existing language simply copying its HTML source code from the web and pasting it to its corresponding page.

To make a good translation service, you will have to look up for a qualified online definition dictionary in your language, and get a link to the definition of "software patents" or simply "patents". There's a place in the HTML file for it.

You have a place in the web page to put a link or a logo to identify your mirror. Use this space freely but please be polite with the image size.

Also, there's a section prepared for your local links. These links can point to any kind of associations against software patents, local *nix user groups with further readings, and such. This is important since your visitors might want to read more info in their language.

3) Upload to your server

You will need a webserver with enough space to host the pages you selected/translated. Upload the files and that's all. There are no PHP / ASP / DDBB requirements, just pure HTML.

You can host as many languages as you would. This would be very nice, since we could do a better network load distribution. Just copy the files from the main web site and host them in your server. If you already had started a mirror, you can choose the "Modify" option from the mirror notify form.

4) Notify us

Once you have your mirror up and running, you must notify us through the mirror notify form. With this form you'll be able to submit Addition, Modification and Removal actions for your mirror.

Once a project coordinator verifies your mirror and its pages, the redirections to your site will be enabled. All removal submissions will ve verified by e-mail to the mirror mantainer.

If you have to contact us, feel freely to use the contact form.

Many thanks for your support :-)


Grupo de Trabajo ProInnova - Madrid 2003

Last Modif: 20/09/2003